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Serving consumers & businesses of all sizes.

Our mission is to provide a one stop-shopping consumer and wholesale program that delivers the largest variety of natural, organic and ecofriendly products at the lowest price possible to our member stores. In doing so, we believe we can create a community that supports a healthy lifestyle and a balanced earth.

Sustainability is not just a word to us. We live it. You won’t find unsolicited sales catalogs or promotional printed materials with your orders. We communicate with our members through E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and other social media tools.

We use only recycled or recyclable boxes and packing materials and are always looking for ways to do business more efficiently. Through our website and our sister site,, we will provide content and links to timely information that impacts the decisions we make.  We want to save you time and money so you can spend more of both on the things in life that really matter.

Our food system is broken. With weekly outbreaks of various foods based illnesses we have become oblivious that our system for delivering food in this county is dangerous. A handful of large multi-national corporations control the process from seed to table, with little concern for food safety and profit being their only motive. We at the Organic Wholesale Club believe that business can be a very effective vehicle for change. Every purchase you make is a vote and you the consumer have the power to create change with the choices you make.

Our business model is based on two core concepts. Keep our margins small and pass on value received from our large buying power to our growing network of small businesses and online stores. This is why every membership helps all members. Our main source of revenue will be teaming up with organic and natural businesses that we feel offer products that meet our standards. Healthy for you…Good for the planet…fair business practices and when possible fair-trade.

Organic and natural grocery is the largest growing sector in the food industry today. We are making an impact.  In early 2010 the Organic Wholesale Store was launched with over 12,000 organic products. Within six months we joined forces with Bangalla Distribution to create an online engine with over 16,000 eco-friendly and organic products. From reusable TuckerBags through to Ariadne olive oils, we offer some 900 brands in 100 product categories and we continue to grow.

We are committed to making all Organic and Natural food and products affordable! We serve businesses of all sizes. From pharmacies, bakeries, delies, online stores, schools, and regular businesses we serve all types of businesses with direct wholesale and dropship services. We can also assist you in setting up your own organic online store fully managed by Organic Wholesale Club. Please feel free to write us with your comments and suggestions at

We trust you enjoy shopping with us!