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  • Eden Foods Ume Plum Balls 2.28 oz

Eden Foods Ume Plum Balls 2.28 oz


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50/50 ume plum concentrate and jinenjo mountain yam in quarter gram balls. Ume fosters well-being and acid-alkaline balance. Jinenjo complements ume's stimulus of the Krebs Citric Acid Cycle in cells. This cycle produces, stores, and releases cellular energy. EDEN Plum Balls are a convenient way to enjoy one of the vegetable kingdom's most beneficial gifts, the Ume Plum without the high sodium content of pickled umeboshi plums. Ume Plum Concentrate is combined with Wild Japanese Mountain Yam (Jinenjo). The positive benefits of these foods have been enjoyed for thousands of years in Asia. Modern techniques and ancient wisdom combined make this exceptional food. EDEN Plum Balls are a concentration of whole foods that have been crafted into a potent and convenient form, a 0.25 inch (6 millimeter) diameter ball that is swallowed with or without liquid. Mr. Shoichi Inagaki of the Umeken Company, late Master of Oriental Herbal Medicine, developed the technique of making food into this handy ball form in 1970. Mr. Inagaki helped us to introduce EDEN Plum Balls to the West in 1983, crafting plum balls by hand before an enchanted crowd at a natural food industry trade show in Denver. EDEN Ume Plum Balls are a 50/50 mixture of EDEN Ume Plum Concentrate (a 50x concentration of slowly reduced unripe Japanese Umeboshi Plums) and Jinenjo powder. The plum concentrate is made by reducing 1 kg. (2.2 lb.) of fresh green Umeboshi Plums down to 20 grams of dark, thick syrup until it is 50 times as strong as a fresh plum. The raw materials are weighed according to specific doses and placed in a mixer, then a kneader, then a specially designed ball making machine. The finished balls are placed in a drying room where hot convection currents dry the balls thoroughly and uniformly. The dried balls then pass through a selecting machine to rule out any rough surfaces or irregular shapes. They are inspected again with the naked eye and finally placed in bottles and sealed with a safety cap. This plant has adopted high quality pharmaceutical GMP (good manufacturing practices) with a rigid quality control program. EDEN Plum Balls contain no chemicals, additives, flavoring agents or preservatives. The Ume Plum has been used as a dietary supplement/functional food for centuries in Japan and China, and was first concentrated as a medicine in Japan about 200 years ago. In the 1920s ume plum concentrate's beneficial properties were so highly revered that the Japanese military distributed it as an antiseptic to soldiers and sailors to prevent dysentery and motion sickness. Jinenjo is valued as a food that strengthens the body and further enhances the potency and beneficial properties of ume plum concentrate. Ume Plum foods are often referred to as the 'king of alkaline food.' Its concentrate is used in traditional Japanese health regimens to achieve optimal balance. Ume Plum Balls provide alkaline minerals. These minerals in the presence of citric acid and other organic acids found in ume plums, readily combines with minerals in the food we eat, promoting easy absorption of the minerals. Umeboshi plums, ume concentrates and ume plum balls are very popular in Japan where they are used as a digestive aid, to increase saliva, help with motion sickness, and even as a cure for hangovers. The picric acid in ume concentrate enhances liver function and helps break down the alcohol in the liver. Lactic acid build up in the body causes fatigue, muscle cramps and a variety of other conditions. Ume plum concentrate has been found helpful for these conditions. Citric acid in ume plum concentrate breaks down lactic acid that is produced in the body when our bodies convert food to energy. The citric and organic acids are catalysts in the cellular cycle of energy production, storage, and release.

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