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Artificial pancreas Update

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Artificial pancreas breakthrough offers solution for health effects of eating artificial food

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of

(NaturalNews) It's downright amazing: A biomedical engineer at Boston University has developed a so-called "artificial pancreas" that helps diabetics maintain balanced blood sugar levels by monitoring the blood and releasing either insulin or glucagon as needed. Now all those people who eat artificial food advertised through artificial worlds on television can add an artificial pancreas to their artificial health care plan.

The mainstream media is all over this story, but what they're not telling anybody is that for type-2 diabetics, artificially using insulin injections to "balance" blood sugar levels only serves to convert blood sugar into body fat, increasing the obesity of the patient. This is one reason why most diabetics are obese.

The idea of an "artificial pancreas" gives false hope to diabetics by implying that they can replace their "failed" pancreas with a new medical device that will cure them of their diabetes. But that's just flat-out false: The only cure for type-2 diabetes is a radical lifestyle change that involves regular exercise, greatly enhanced nutrition and the elimination of refined carbohydrates and sugars from the diet.

What diabetics need isn't an artificial pancreas but real food to replace their processed, fabricated, factory-produced junk foods and sugary soft drinks. Real food, however, is hard to come by in a society where virtually everything is now artificial: Foods, boobs, lips, snacks, flavoring, food coloring, the television news and much more.

Most of us live in an artificial world, wrapped inside our little cocoons of "pretend health" constructed by drug companies and junk food manufacturers who all somehow manage to claim their products are good for you.

But I have a radical idea: Why not take care of your REAL pancreas? Why not exercise, get some sunshine, choose superfoods instead of junk foods and swear off refined sugars and carbohydrates for life? You were born with the only pancreas you'll ever need, and instead of living your life hooked up to a blood sugar monitor that you have to drag around with you everywhere, wouldn't it be easier to rely on the intelligent organs that already exist in your chest cavity?

Mainstream medicine, you see, thinks it's so smart when they develop an artificial heart, lung, kidney or pancreas. And yet none of these function with anything that comes close to the intelligence and complexity of the organs you were born with. Take care of the organs given to you by Mother Nature and you won't have to live the rest of your life connected to medical machines that are billed by the hour.

Oh, yeah, and did I mention that your own pancreas works for free? Unlike with an expensive medical device, you don't have to pay any money to use your own pancreas. But you do have to pay attention to your diet, your exercise and other health and lifestyle choices.

By the way, in terms of clarifying the tone of this story, I do recognize that there are a relatively small number of people who suffer from type-1 diabetes through no fault of their own. For them, an artificial pancreas might be a lifesaving technology. But for the vast majority of diabetics, the root cause is lifestyle choices that can be revised and improved through conscious health. For them, the promise of an artificial pancreas is just an empty promise that will never cure their diabetes.

Instead, it will only have them living out the rest of their lives tethered to a machine that pumps them full of blood sugar hormones.